The model and practices in this book represent, perhaps better than any other resource today, the effective blending of sound theory and relevant practice on the topic of change leadership. The literature on this topic abounds with approaches taken from a dizzying array of perspectives, often based on limited practice and devoid of any deeper understandings. In the end, the anchor of good practice often comes from seeking out enduring principles and finding ways to make them useful. From this perspective, Tkaczyk’s work continues to demonstrate the important contributions of the informed scholar-practitioner in the management and human resources fields. Certainly, the book will impact the actions of global managers seeking to lead the change process in organizations in more predictable and reliable ways.”


Professor, Human Resource Development (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Principal (RL Jacobs & Associates), former President of Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD)

Dr. Bart Tkaczyk continues to deliver yet another typically pragmatic message dealing with effective organizational development, based on sound academic foundations involving strategic management approaches coupled with positive leadership. What distinguishes this new offering, compared to writings by others employing similar managerial catchwords, is his ability to inject a dramatic input of practicality into the mode of delivering procedures for change that are original, workable, understandable and effective by means of a 'Toolbox Modality'. On this you have my word!”


Schools of Business, Law and Economics (Southern Cross University, Gold Coast Campus, Australia), Former Head of Entrepreneurship and Management Development

(the United Nations International Labour Organization HQ, Geneva, Switzerland)

Too many books in this market are more theoretical, but the tool box makes this one really good for someone wanting help in actually doing OD... A short book with good tools that could be used as a practical additional text in either an OD or HRM class.”


Thomas C. Vandiver Bicentennial Chair in Business, Director of the Center for Executive Succession, Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina

This is a refreshing new angle on a topic that requires almost by definition energy and genuine enthusiasm.

Dr Bart Tkaczyk writes with feeling and an almost religious zeal but the material is all the more welcome for it. 

There are great insights here. Very definitely highly recommended!”


Former CEO of Habib Bank AG Zurich, Head of Treasury at Royal Bank of Scotland, Head of Treasury at Europe Arab Bank, Head of Treasury at KBC, Vice President at JPMorgan Chase Bank. Moorad is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, and a Fellow of the London Institute of Banking & Finance, and an author of over 20 books

In his change consulting and coaching, Dr. Bart Tkaczyk combines a positive, practical, strengths-based approach with his extensive international experience and perspective, and his impressive and ongoing academic achievements. The results are excellent. At our company, we practice what Dr. Tkaczyk evangelizes.”

ALEXANDER HEHMEYER, BA (Yale University), JD (University of California at Berkeley Law), 

Chairman of the Board, Advisor, and CFO at Rootstock Software

Dr. Bart Tkaczyk lives and breathes positive Organization Development (OD). He's like a walking reference guide as well as an experienced practitioner and his eclectic mix of international work brings a uniquely different perspective. Throw out the old organizational change playbook – learn how to lead positive organizational change in a rigorous and creative way – the ERG way!”



Former Associate Director, HR at Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), an investor initiative in partnership with the United Nations Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) and the United Nations Global Compact 

There is a crisis of leadership and courage in the western world. ERG is well worth using.”


As Professor of Leadership Communications at the Haas School of Business – I cannot speak highly enough of the ERG model created by Dr. Bart Tkaczyk.


As a fellow Fulbright Scholar, I know for a fact that Dr. Tkaczyk has combined elements of positive leadership, organizational culture, organization development and executive coaching to provide corporations, organizations, and individuals with a methodology that enables them to achieve positive organizational change.


Any client will find Dr. Tkaczyk’s approach unique and customized to fit their needs. Clients can look forward to a personalized relationship with him and his team enabling them to realize their bold goals and winning aspirations.”


– PROFESSOR MARK RITTENBERG (Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley)

Dr. Bart Tkaczyk is passionate about leadership and implementing change in a positive and impactful manner. If I could summarize him in three words it would be – energetic problem-solver.”

DEANNA ROCKEFELLER, MBA, Global Technology and Workforce Development Partnerships (Lockheed Martin)

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